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Peckish Complete 5in1 seed mix

Peckish Complete 5in1 has been created to bring more birds, colour and song to your garden.

This unique blend can be used in feeders, on bird tables and ground feeding trays.

Peckish Robin Seed and Insect Mix

Bring the nation's favourite bird into your garden. The familiar colourful red breast of the Robin will help to brighten up your garden. With a mix containing mealworms, the Robin's favourite food, you are sure to see one in your garden.

Daily Goodness Nuggets

These nuggets contain a nutritious combination of high energy suet, seeds & mealworms providing birds with all the energy and nutrients they need to stay healthy and full of life.   Using them in feeders and on bird tables will also mean that you can attract a variety of species to your garden all year round.

Winter Warmer Seed Mix

During winter natural food resources are low and garden birds need a helping hand to survive. With a combination of high energy seeds and grains this mix will provide a variety of garden birds with the energy they need, when they need it most.

Nesting and Young Bird Mix

Help improve the chances of young chicks and fledglings being successfully reared with Peckish Nesting & Young Bird Seed Mix. With high energy and protein ingredients this mix ensures breeding birds receive the energy they need to successfully rear and provide for their young.

Colourful Birds Seed Mix

Enjoy seeing more colour in your garden with Peckish Colourful Birds Seed Mix, with a combination of over 10 seeds and grains you will be able to attract a variety of colourful bird species. Using this mix in seed feeders and on bird tables you will be able to enjoy seeing many of the smaller, more colourful birds in your garden including those from the Finch family.

Songbirds Seed and Fruit Mix

Put out Songbirds Seed & Fruit Mix to enjoy the dawn chorus and bring the sound of nature into your garden. With a combination of soft fruit and seeds this mix will attract many of the soft billed songbirds. Use on bird tables and ground feeding trays to enjoy tuneful bird song in your garden.

Sunflower Hearts

Packed with energy and essential oils, Sunflower Hearts are the ultimate bird food. With the husks removed these seed hearts take away all the effort for garden birds saving them time and energy. Sunflower Hearts are loved by a variety of garden birds.


Peanuts are one of the most popular garden bird foods and will attract a wide variety of colourful birds into your garden. From the more common birds like Blue Tits and Chaffinches to the rarer Great Spotted Woodpecker and Nuthatch, Peckish Peanuts will fill your garden with colour and vitality.

Nyger Seed

To attract the most colourful birds into your garden, Peckish Nyger Seed is perfect. This small seed is packed with energy and will attract all of the colourful Finches including the most colourful of garden birds, the Goldfinch.


Mealworms are the favourite food of many garden bird species.  They are very versatile and can be used for feeding birds from tables, ground feeding trays and also in seed feeders on their own or added to a seed mix.  Use these mealworms to treat the birds in your garden.

Energy Bites

The mix of suet, peanuts and mealworms in these energy bites offers birds a real energy boost. The bites can be put into a peanut feeder or scattered on a table to attract a variety of birds into your garden.

Energy Cake Fruit and Berry

The mix of suet, fruits and berries in this energy cake offers birds a real energy boost. With a combination of fruits & berries similar to a bird’s natural diet this energy cake will attract a wide variety of garden birds. It can be hung from bird feeding stations or from a tree branch.